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Traditional and Wild


On 1st of May with participation of 4 Central European countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia), the project „Promoting traditional collection and use of wild plants to reduce social and economic disparities in Central Europe” project has been started.


The main aim of the project is to collect and preserve the information about the use, harvest and ethnobotany of wild growing plants as part of the cultural heritage of the regions.

The specific objective is to implement a pilot model by year 2012 that is socially and culturally acceptable, economically-sound and environmentally viable for the collection of wild plants, their processing and use.


The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.


Please visit the project website where you can learn about the project results and participate in a fun quiz!

Bioregion – region of natural diversity

              Šentjur Municipality
Budget: 235.740,00 €
Programme: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Project “Bioregion – region of natural diversity” wants to contribute to preservation of natural and cultural heritage of the area and include it in the tourist offer of the area, together with other content. This type of tourist offer will complement the tourist offer of major tourist centres in the area, which promote active vacation and restoration of health with their services. However, it will not build on mass tourism, but on uniqueness and capacities of individual location and environment. We will adapt tourism to capabilities of natural environment and not vice versa. We will develop ecotourism instead of mass tourism.
Municipality Šentjur is implementing a project “Bioregion – region of natural diversity” together with partner municipalities Dobje, Dobrna, Oplotnica, Slovenske Konjice, Vitanje and Zreče. The project is implemented by the project group, led by Development Agency Kozjansko.

Development for Development

Budget: 304.000 €
Programme: Interreg IIIA Slovenia – Hungary – Croatia 2004-2006
The project proposal “Development for Development” was successful at the Interreg IIIA Slovenia-Hungary-Croatia 2004-2006 Neighbourhood Programme call for proposals. Development Agency Kozjansko was the lead partner on the Slovenian side, and Zagorje Development Agency at the Croatian side.
The area included in the project consisted of 13 municipalities (Bistrica ob Sotli, Dobje, Dobrna, Kozje, Oplotnica, Podčetrtek, Rogaška Slatina, Rogatec, Slovenske Konjice, Šentjur, Šmarje pri Jelšah, Vitanje, Zreče) on the Slovene side and the County of Krapina-Zagorje on the Croatian side.
The goal of the project was to raise the development potential of the area with raising the skills, knowledge and employment potential of the population, to achieve higher level of education, flexibility of the work force and improve the conditions on the labour market. This was achieved by organizing educational programmes and workshops, development of entrepreneurial culture and life-long learning.

Biking routes of the cross-border area

Budget: 107.000 €
Programme: Phare 2003 – Economic and Social Cohesion
The project was implemented by Development Agency Kozjansko in cooperation with Development Agency Sotla and municipalities Bistrica ob Sotli, Dobje, Kozje, Podčetrtek, Rogaška Slatina, Rogatec, Šentjur and Šmarje pri Jelšah. On the Croatian side the County of Krapina-Zagorje was included in the project.
Project results:
1. Traffic feasibility study of all three national biking networks,
2. Study for placement of the local biking network into the area,
3. Two tourist maps for bikers with proposed biking routes in the area.

Pripete datoteke

Natura 2000 in Slovenia – management models and information system

Budget for the Municipality Šentjur part: 13.500 €
Programme: LIFE III – Natura 2000
Development Agency Kozjansko and Municipality Šentjur were partners of the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation in a project LIFE III – Natura at Boletina. In 2007 additional land on the site was purchased in order to provide further spreading of the Pulsatilla Grandis. In the second half of 2007 a plan was made for management of the site, which specified the factors for preservation of nature and terms of management. The project was finished in 2007.

Pripete datoteke

International youth exchange

Budget: 14.000 €
Programme: MOVIT – Youth Exchange
Respect: not just words, it’s action of the youth
International youth project between Slovenia, Luxembourg, Serbia and Croatia (from 22nd to 31st August 2008)
A 10-day international project with 28 young participants from Luxembourg, Serbia, Croatia and municipality Šentjur was organized by Development Agency Kozjansko in cooperation with partners from the other three participating countries.
The main goal of the project, co-financed by the European Commission through the program “Youth in Action” and Municipality Šentjur, was intercultural dialogue, connectivity and cooperation of the youth from EU countries and their neighbours. We wanted to connect young people who live in the same European environment, but are often divided by culture, the way of thinking, media and politics.
Through the project we created an environment, which stimulated creation of friendly ties, trust, respect and understanding the culture of others beyond boundaries of existing stereotypes and prejudice. Young participants learned how to work with complete strangers, which became friends during the project and will remember them after they left for home again.

Youth Power

Budget: 2.200 €
Programme: MOVIT – Youth Initiatives
Youth Power was a project implemented by an informal youth group VIS, which decided to connect young people in the municipality Šentjur through culture and art. They can present their view of the society, the problems and encouragement they receive from the environment.
Their message is: “Young people are an important part of society and can contribute to changes and progress in the society, but we are a lot of times misunderstood.”
Several types of youth workshops were organized in the project: dancing, music, literature and theatre. The participants have presented what they have learned at a final event that took place in September 2008.
The main theme and a part of every creative workshop was a discussion about their role in the environment they live in, how they see themselves as a part of the society and their attitude towards environment.
Project “Youth Power” was co-financed by the European Commission through a program “Youth in Action”.


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